a little bit about me

and my approach to photography

hey again! I hope you got my todd rundgren reference

back there...(hello, its meee      )  

i'm an old soul with a love for happy hour, midcentury

decor, and marshalls. I can't live without liquid eyeliner

or cocoa butter chapstick. I love late nights, genuine

love, and the color grey. 


Created by AlePiofrom the Noun Project

my love for photography came about 

when I pushed down and heard that

ever so addicting shutter on a friends

camera. ever since that moment I knew

I wanted to do something that resonated

in my soul and for me that was photographing love. 

its what makes my heart beat fastest. plain and 

simple, I love love. I want to know your story and

make a connection that goes beyond being your

photographer. I want to capture your wedding day

in a way that tells your story, down to every last

unique detail.  


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available for travel 

based in charleston, sc

est. 2016