hello, i'm wesley

Truth is, talking about myself is hard! Remember panicking on the first day of school trying to think of something interesting to say about yourself? That's me writing this. Thing is, i'm not shy. I just enjoy getting to know others.  Anyways, here we go!

I'm a old soul, cat mom, often mistaken for a guy, dry shampoo connoisseur, tj maxx addict, night owl, day dreamer, slippers all day, crime podcast enthusiast, vintage collector, wannabe jetsetter that loves to stay home, people watcher, all fueled by coke-a-cola.


in 2019, we spent 3 weeks in India. It was life changing.


a few favorites...



what can I say? there is nothing like it. 


a few favorites...

coke in a glass bottle.


holidays, rearranging, you name it. it's refreshing!


a few favorites...

decorating our home.

why i do

There's a lot of "why's" as to why I do what I do. Getting to know you, hearing your story, and mostly importantly, working together to preserve the most memorable times of your life. I'm sentimental. I've saved every birthday card, thank you note, save the date, any little memento from a trip or special time for as long as I can remember. I believe it's more than just a photo, it's a keepsake.

On your wedding day, i'm your girl. Like, I gotchu, girl. From the planning leading up to your wedding, and the big day of, i'll be there like The Jackson 5. Yes, I'm your photographer but i'm more than that. I'm a source of encouragement, an unguaranteed good laugh, and a friend topping off your mimosa. 

what  I do

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